FederalSourcing IT Consultancy Services (FIT-CS)

FIT-CS specializes in delivering Digital transformation solutions across industry segments. We leverage a fine blend of domain knowledge, consulting experience, technology expertise and implementation capabilities, ensuring faster return on investment through a range of industry specific solutions and services.

Our emphasis is to help enterprises become agile and efficient, by empowering their digital transformation drives and by equipping them to achieve better business outcomes.

We are true partners not vendors

We value our customer as true partners Vertical Industry Experience

POD Based Value Delivery:

We carefully craft the POD team consisting of experienced technology professionals from various groups / technology stacks who are driven by common goals, mutual trust and passion to make a difference. The key characteristics of the POD team is as follows:
Full Stack Engineers with rich hands-on experience in digital engineering “Expert Level” practitioners on multiple technology frameworks, tools and processes. Autonomous, Cross-functional & high-performing agile team to deliver end-to-end engineering solution Ready to deploy “Performing” Team from Day 1 with zero team- forming overheads Collaborative development model assuring rapid & high-quality deliverables by applying deep engineering practice

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